Alligator 2 (2023)

Alligator 2
Genre: Drama, Action
Stars: Wunmi Ajiboye, Kevin Ikeduba, Kola Ajeyemi, Biola Adekunle
Release Date: 2023
Creators: Yorubahood
Runtime: 84mins

In a quest of belonging, a timid young man finds himself at a crossroad when he’s threatened into joining a rowdy fraternity. With a steep price and a share bond at stake, he must navigate a treacherous initiation filled with outrageous challenges, pushing him to the brink as he fights to prove his worth and preserve his dignity.

A timid and introverted young man finds himself at a life-altering crossroads. Desperate to fit in and become a part of something bigger, he is coerced into joining a rowdy and notorious fraternity on his college campus. However, the path to acceptance comes at a steep price, and he’s faced with a shared bond that threatens to change his life forever.

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His initiation into the fraternity is far from a simple welcome; it is a treacherous journey filled with outrageous challenges. These challenges push him to the brink of his physical and emotional limits, demanding a transformation that he never thought possible.

As he navigates this daunting initiation, our protagonist finds himself confronted with a moral dilemma. He must fight not only to prove his worth to the fraternity but also to preserve his own dignity and sense of self. The fraternity’s demands become increasingly perilous, forcing him to question the true cost of belonging, and whether the sacrifices he makes are worth the ultimate price he may have to pay.

Find out more. Starring Wunmi Ajiboye, Kevin Ikeduba, Kola Ajeyemi, Biola Adekunle and others.

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