Ija Orogun (2023)

Ija Orogun
Genre: Drama
Stars: Mide Abiodun | Juliet Jatto | Zainab Bakare | Tosin Olaniyan
Release Date: 2023
Creators: ApataTV+
Runtime: 74mins

In the cutthroat world of a seemingly perfect marriage, two women with contrasting backgrounds find themselves locked in a bitter and fierce rivalry.

In a twinkle of these rough and tumble comes a scheme that will re-shape their marital vows.

In the movie, two individuals from diverse backgrounds are thrust into a relentless and intense competition. Amidst the chaos and turbulence, a fateful turn of events unveils a cunning plot that will profoundly redefine the sacred bonds of matrimony.

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As the battle between these two forces escalates, the very foundations of their relationship are shaken to their core, leaving no aspect of their lives untouched. Friendships are tested, loyalties questioned, and secrets exposed, as they embark on a tumultuous journey of self-discovery and sacrifice.

Will they emerge from this crucible stronger or succumb to the weight of their own desires? Only time will tell as they navigate the treacherous waters of love, passion, and deceit.

Find out more. Starring Mide Abiodun | Juliet Jatto | Zainab Bakare | Tosin Olaniyan and many others.

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