The Netflix Project (2023)

The Netflix Project is a drama that centers around two street boys (Woos and Shank) and their desire to be wealthy. The Netflix Project is a compelling drama that immerses viewers in the world of two streetwise boys, Woos and Shank, driven by an insatiable hunger for wealth and a chance to break free from their humble beginnings.

The story takes audiences on a riveting journey as these determined young men navigate the gritty streets, confronting adversity, and forging unbreakable bonds. Their quest for affluence weaves a tale of ambition, resilience, and the fine line between ethical choices and temptation.

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The Netflix Project is an engrossing exploration of the enduring human desire for a better life, compellingly highlighting the trials, tribulations, and poignant moments that shape their journey.

Starring Officer Woos | ShankComics | CrazeClown | MrMacaroni | Broadshaggi and others.

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